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Day 2
US research trip – Believe No One

Believe No One takes Fennimore & Simms to the United States Mid West.
These blogs document the places we visited and people we met during the research trip.

Weds 2nd May 2012

Tulsa has many lovely Deco Buildings


There was frost on the ground when we left home. Here the temperature is 80F and humidity around 80%. Dave isn’t due in till 5:30pm , so we explore Tulsa on foot. The Art Deco buildings are stunning.

2012-05-02 Cafe Tulsa sml
And there are some nice coffee shops; we quickly come to appreciate the tumbler of iced water that appears as soon as you sit down in a cafe or restaurant. It is broiling hot!

Of course, I can’t resist popping in to the library as we pass. And once there, I can’t resist a quick squint at the bookshelves.

Look what I found!

Look what I found!

At five in the afternoon, I hitch a ride in the airport taxi, meet Dave’s flight, and then we go to hire a car. I’m under 5’ 2”, so I want something smallish and manageable. They don’t have a ‘compact’. Only a big monster sedan with a low-riding bucket of a driving seat that makes me feel like a ten-year old car thief. I can’t see over the bonnet (hood), which makes corners fun. It wallows like a pig in the hollows and fish-tails around the slightest bend. I hate it, and I’m scared of it. I keep expecting to be pulled over by the cops, which would be good from a research point of view, but frankly, just driving the damn car is quite enough excitement for now. We get lost on the way back to the hotel and end up on an old and obviously poorly frequented highway. There are vacant lots, some with derelict buildings still standing, but mostly, all that remains is their concrete foundations and weedy car parks. I pull onto one such lot so that Dave can use the GPS on his laptop and establish where the heck we are. A boarded up low-rise building squats at the back of the lot, and there are blobs of fresher concrete in two parallel lines near the front of it – it looks like this might have been a petrol station forecourt at one time. Which gives me a great idea for a scene (insider tip: you’ll find it in Chapter 67 of Believe No One).

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