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Everybody Lies by A. D. Garrett

Everyone Lies

Everyone Lies teams science, forensics and plot in a fast-paced action crime thriller, thanks to the skills of the two authors that form the writing partnership A. D. Garrett.

‘A throat-clutcher from page one. Everyone Lies is a pulse pounding thriller, which weaves expertly between evil on the streets and the dark side of police department politics. A.D. Garrett has done for Manchester what The Wire did for Baltimore. And our central characters, Simms and Fennimore, are complex, compelling and just plain marvelous.’

Jeffery Deaver

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Belive No One by A. D. Garrett

Believe No One

Book #2 in the series takes the cop/forensics duo to the US Midwest.

Forensic expert Professor Nick Fennimore has engineered lectures in Chicago and St Louis – a ploy to get to Detective Chief Inspector Kate Simms. She’s in the United States on sabbatical with St Louis PD, and he’s keen to see her again. Simms is working with a ‘method swap’ team, reviewing cold cases, sharing expertise. But Simms came to the US to escape the fallout from their previous case – the last thing she needs is Fennimore complicating her life.

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